Drama Academy


Drama Classes

We offer fun, creative and dramatic drama classes in a variety of locations.

Our drama classes are divided into three age categories:

  • Drama Tots for Age 3-5
  • Drama Kidz for Age 6-11 (grade 1-6)
  • Drama Teenz for Age 12-18 (grade 7-12)

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If we currently do not offer a class in your area, please contact us and we can look at starting up in a studio near you!

Somerset West

3:00-4:00pm for Drama Kidz
4:00-5:00pm for Drama Kidz
3:30-4:30pm for Drama Kidz
4:30-5:30pm for Drama Teenz


3:30-4:30pm for Drama Kidz
4:30-5:30pm for Drama Teenz


4:00-5:00pm for Drama Kidz
5:00-6:00pm for Drama Teenz

Term Classes

The classes make use of a variety of drama styles and acting techniques in order to build confidence and promote excellent speech in our students so that they can boldly take to the stage. These acting classes help the students to use what they learn in our classes and apply them to tasks outside of our Academy such as, speaking confidently in a class presentation or oral at school.

Many of our acting students act in the short films produced by the teenagers in the term workshop, FilmMaking for Teenz. This helps develop their acting experience in front of the camera.

The curriculum includes: Mime, Improvisation, Script work, Vocal Exercises and Theatre Games among many other fun activities that encourage good social skills.

Each class is designed around a specific age group. This ensures that each child develops and learns at a pace appropriate for their age.

Holiday Drama Workshops

Our holiday drama workshops are a fantastic way for children to make new friends and have fun acting in a variety of theatre activities.

The holiday workshop aims to compliment the term classes and take the students to a new level of performance.

It is suitable for both students who have been doing drama for a long time as well as those who are completely new to the world of theatre. We run these workshops in various locations in the Helderberg and greater Cape Town area.

We are also able to create one specific to the needs of schools who would like to run one either during the holiday or even the school term.

The programme for each holiday drama workshop differs from holiday to holiday. To see an outline of what we will be covering in the next workshop, please pop us an e-mail.