Film Making

Creating your own movie from scratch is a fantastic creative outlet for all ages. Learning various aspects such as storyboarding and sound recording to editing and shot composition, our students thrive in our very hands-on practical filmmaking classes.

With our filmmaking classes and workshops we aim to educate and equip young filmmakers with the knowledge on how to create their own short films from start to end and to inspire them to go out and make films that will impact the community in a positive way.

The hope is that the students will walk away from the workshops with a new found appreciation for movie-making and all the effort and time that goes into creating a film.

Voice In Action gives the students the opportunity to explore the action taking place on both sides of the camera –performance, camera work and directing are all part of the fun that happens in our term classes and holiday workshops.

Our courses suit all knowledge levels and experience and are an ideal platform to build confidence, understanding and skills in the filmmaking industry. 

The students are encouraged to get practically involved in every element of the filmmaking process.

The equipment the students use include a full HD camera, lighting and sound equipment as well as computers for the editing of the film.

We offer classes to children as young as 8 years old up until 80 years old and older!

Voice In Action has a variety of options available both during the school holidays as well as during the school term. We also run film workshops at schools as well as do filmmaking for children’s parties.

Please contact us for more details For a full schedule of our Holiday Workshops, please contact us on

Term Classes

For students who want to take their filmmaking skills to the next level. They need to have done a basic filmmaking bootcamp with us before joining the term classes.

Each term the students develop their filmmaking skills in a particular area based on a film challenge that is given to them. They learn to create films in different genres with each genre developing a new skill.

We offer Filmmaking during the school term in Somerset West:

Advanced Filmmaking for Teenz

Time: Mondays 4:30-6:00pm
Prerequisite: Must have attended a Filmmaking Bootcamp or Beginner Filmmaking
Venue: Somerset West Baptist Church hall.
Cost: R750 per term (payable at the beginning of the course)

 Beginner Filmmaking for Kidz & Adults

Time: Mondays 4:00-5:30pm
Venue: Somerset West Baptist Church Hall
Cost: R750 per term (payable at the beginning of the course)

Boot Camp

Our Filmmaking Bootcamps have become very popular over the years with many a student attending more than one. The holiday Bootcamps are action-packed and fast-paced as students create their own short film in just 3 or 4 days.

The students are given very practical experience in filmmaking. They learn by doing rather than sitting listening to lectures on how to create films. The Bootcamp is a very hands-on experience and students use the camera from the first day of the workshop.

The basic outline of our Filmmaking Bootcamp is as follows:

Day 1:

  • Basics of Film-making
  • Brainstorm Ideas for the Short Film
  • Script and Story-boarding
  • Finalize Storyboard
  • Casting the Roles
  • Costume and Set Design

Day 2:

  • Shoot the Film

Day 3:

  • Shoot the Film
  • Basics of Editing

The Filmmaking Bootcamp for Kidz is 3 days whilst the Bootcamp for Teenz is 4 days. The teenagers are given an extra day in which they edit their film.

The Academy does the finishing touches to the films to polish them off and then the finished film is put onto Dropbox for students to download. Alternatively, students can hand in a USB onto which the film can be transferred and they can pick it up the following week

Booking in advance is essential as spaces fill up fast. A 50% non-refundable deposit ensures a booked place. Spaces are limited to ensure the maximum benefit to those attending the workshops.


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In our Stop-Motion workshops students learn how to create their own short animation film using anything from plasticine (play-dough) characters to Lego or even fluffy toys.

By taking a lot of photos of their characters as they move and then editing these shots together they create an animation.

Adding music and voice-overs gives their films that extra oomph.

Special FX Make-Up workshops

Always very exciting as the students get to work with film make-up to create some truly gory effects.
From a slit throat to a gunshot wound or a broken arm, these workshops teach the students some gruesome effects that would make your tummy churn. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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Green Screen

Many a Hollywood movie is made using the green screen trick. With the green screen your characters can be transported to the icy Antarctic or to the parched deserts of Egypt, they can stand on top of the Statue of Liberty or be stuck in a dark, wet cave.
The green screen workshops teach students how to use the green screen with effective lighting and, through the editing software, place characters in locations that we would otherwise not get to on a tight budget. This is a fantastic tool for any aspiring young filmmaker to have.