Boot Camp

The first Voice in Action boot camp I attended was in 2013 in the June holidays. I expected to learn just a few things about film and maybe do something different in the holidays. What I got was a really fun, creative experience which not only taught me about the fundamentals of film but also challenged me to think creatively and showed me how to work with different people. Since then I have attended multiple Voice In Action boot camps and term film courses and I can honestly say that I have learnt so much not only in the film courses but about myself as a person. I have also made a lot of amazing memories. Voice In Action is a wonderful academy and I would honestly recommend this course to anyone.

Christen Torres (2nd year B.A. Film & Media student at UCT)

Gold Award

I would definitely recommend Voice In Action Film & Drama Academy.  My daughter has been a pupil there since it opened and loves it.  Being an only child I was worried that she would battle to “find her voice” with friends who have siblings, but drama has given her the confidence to not only speak up, but to speak out.  Confident enough to take part in Eisteddfods for poetry and in grade 8 in high school, she took part in public speaking for the first time, and was awarded GOLD.  She is now in grade 10 and is looking forward to participating in debates in the future.


Lisa - Somerset West parent

Wild Imagination

As a child, you have a wild imagination. As you grow up, that imagination fades but with drama it’s the exact opposite - your imaginations just grows. You are able to lose yourself and find yourself at the same time. Being a teenager and having attended Voice In Action since it opened, I see now how important drama is because it helps so many people gain confidence, and expand their creativity. Voice In Action has really helped me to grow in so many ways.


Skye - Somerset West student


There was so much excitement in our house yesterday. Thank you so much for the cd and also taking the time to write about Nathan. WE LOVED every second of the film and so impressed with what they (and you) have put together. I love the angles and the music inserts. You are very talented and wish schools would use you. Can't wait for the next one so please let me know if you have any other courses he can attend.


Yolande Holmes - Somerest West

Self Confidence

Throughout Kieran's time attending classes and working with you and all the fabulous students, I was able to see a healthy change in the way Kieran handled life. He also appeared to have so much enthusiasm and was upbeat and excited. The Clay-mation and Stop-motion experience really helped him with his understanding of basic movie making and I know he is very keen to go further. I think the actual classes helped with creativity, self-esteem and self-confidence. I think Kieran really enjoyed the non-competitive environment while being surrounded by really good people. It was a perfect way to spend his holiday time and school afternoons.


Wendy, Parent